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10 Misconceptions Misconception junction presents common misconceptions dispelled multifunctional muscle turns in la if you stop exercising muscles and rats are made up overly different types oi cells that have completely diligent unctions skeletal musc... InfographicNote: The following text is extracted from the above infographic using a computer program so it may not be readable by humans, but it is helpful for search engines.

Misconception junction presents common misconceptions dispelled multifunctional muscle turns in la if you stop exercising muscles and rats are made up overly different types oi cells that have completely diligent unctions skeletal muscles get larger when a person exercises primarily iron hypertrophy in other words the person sin gaining more muscle cells which would be hyperplane rather the ones they have are suit getting bigger alter a person quits exercising the muscle cells don go away or morph into tat cells they simply sh ink muscle cells take quite a bit of energy to maintain approximately i calories per kilogram per day or around it calories per pound per day people who exercise regularly tend to accustom themselves to eating quite a bit more lewd than people who maintain a relatively healthy body weight without exercising once they stop working out though they instantly lose the need for the calories used during their workout welch ls toluene quite significance so bottom line is people who exercise regularly at suddenly stop tend to gain fat quickly because they don adjust their lewd intake to compensate tor their decreased rhetoric needs not bemuse muscle cells are turning into fat cells.

The red juice in meat is not blood nearly all blood is removed from meat during slaughter which is also why you don see blood in raw whine meat only an extremely small amount oi blood remains within the muscle tissue when you get it from the.

Store so what is that red liquid you see in red meataxe red meats such as beet are composed or quite a bit or water this eaten mixed with a protein called hemoglobin ends up comprising most oi that red liquid.

When an ostrich teas genuinely threatened it will actually latte oil running and not hide it bad in the sand as is popularly believed considering it is the fastest animal on two legs it can pretty much out run most other vanillas the ostrich also has extremely good eye sight 3 hating because of this they are generally able to perceive predators before the predator sees them so what they will do when they observe a predator is lie down on the ground put their body as close to the ground as possible and wait the myth that they stick their heads in the sand primarily comes torn this list line at defense where they lie down and it appears trot a distance as it its head disappears in the sand even though it is really just my lying down to see it the predator will pzshs by so they it Avon have to expend i i energy trying outrun IL.

Or any other numerous studies going all the way i back to the i920 show that shaving has absolutely no erect whatsoever on your hair growth rate.

Hair growth is controlled by hair follicles found just underneath the skin tikes follicles are not in any way collected by shaving only the outer.

Part or your hair that is already dead is getting clot the follicles underneath that determine 3 tiiiclaiesslcolor growth race remain.

Completely uncollected by your shaving or not shaving sushi is raw fish sushi is not raw sh it shimmy which is just sliced raw sh sometimes simply dipped in sauces and sometimes served.

With sushi sushi is any rood dish consisting oleomargarine rice usually served with some other toppings but not i always it happens to olden be served with various types of sea lewd either cooked or raw and perhaps even a mix of the two sushi tan.

Be served with just about any toppings or none at all in fact sushi is more often than not served in the west with fully cooked sea food.

Such as cooked imitation crab known as California roll at smoked salmon known as Seattle roll sun melioration it white the reason the looks yellow to us on earth is that our sphere scatters light from the sun so the parent color tithe sun changes he same cringing erect is why the sky looks blue in the ay time instead oi black like at night the nah atmosphere scatters light in the blue and violet wavelength range so the restraining wavelength at light appear yellow the same enact is why the sky will also olden appear yellow when the sun is disappointing over the horizon as well as wily the sky sun can appear more red at times during this phase or the day.

Over the years the myth that you only use about lost your brain has been widely spread with the source doltish myth molten falsely attributed to Albert Einstein glazing amounts of research have gone into mapping the brain in terms rolling out the unction or various part of the brain and to date no area of the brain has been found the does have some function even though that function may not be yet wholly understood brain scans courtesy or positron emission tomography peg and functional magnetic resonance imaging MRI technologies show us that even while we are sleeping every part of the brain shows at least a small amount of activity and most areas oi the brain are active at any given moment assuming the person being scanned has ever suffered some arm of brain damage if 90 of the brain awns used for anything then damage to that 90 oi the brain insidious lacteal a person at all in reality though damage to just about a any part of the brain even tiny amounts of damage tend to have propound elects on the person who sutlers that damage proving that we use all lo the brain and not just w94.

The popular notion Twinkies last forever or lot some ridiculously long amount of time is false they actually only have a shelf life of about 25 days tildes are in tact baked and their primary ingredients are scurrilous and eggs in 25 days or so they get stale and go bad in a similar fashion to any other brood.

Hie direction water spins down you drain depends on the hemisphere you live in what hemisphere you are in does not lacteal the way water spins down your drain or toilet the Coriolis effect is basically an apparent lore relative no the earth surface that causal objects to appear as Talley are moving in somewhat of a curved path when actually they are moving straight and it is the earth turning that makes it look like they are curving things such as hurricanes and other large cyclonic systems are very much collected by the Coriolis Elton in terms which way they spin however a hurricane might literally be 500 miles wide and last tor days your sink and toilet are very small in comparison and the time the Coriolis collect has to influence the draining water is very small as well in this case the Coriolis erect has about the same affect on the swirling water in your toilet as a butterfly’s lapping wings have on tornado.

Taxi the tongue has taste zines contrary to popular belie the tongue does actually have zones specializing in specie tastes it turns out this myth got its start when a certain Harvard psychologist Edwin boring snarls translated a German paper written in 90 titled our rsyciiopivysik eds geschmacltssinnes the tongue paper written by the German scientist or Lilian outlined hang research on tee lour known basic tastes he got together a group all subjects it tested the main tastes on each thereof on various parts of their tongues until he enured he had a good map put together on where they tasted various tastes the must in reality most everyone can detect the live basic uses equally everywhere on the upper surface of the tongue wile extremely slight variations that are more or less random loom person an to person as such scientists have since admitted that 7 hang paper would be better served as toilet tissue instead or reading material as the results have no basis in reality.

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