Facts and Stats About Various Mirena Problems Infographic

What you should know about the mire IUD what is mire mire is a shaped hormone releasing system placed in your uterus in prevent pregnancy for up to 5 years Mire can also lessen menstrual lilo mi loss in women who have heavy menstrual and who also want i...

What you should know about the mire IUD what is mire mire is a shaped hormone releasing system placed in your uterus in prevent pregnancy for up to 5 years.

Mire can also lessen menstrual lilo mi loss in women who have heavy menstrual and who also want in use a birth control method that is placed in the uterus to prevent pregnancy.

How does mire work according to Bayer the manufacturer of mire it is not known exactly how mire works dangerous complications.

Uterine perforations a mire uterine peroration can occur during insertion or as a result or the IUD migrating from its original location.

Should the mire IUD periodic or puncture the uterine wall it can lead to other serious complications suckling as migration outside the uterine cavity admissions peritonitis intestinal perforations intestinal obstruction abscesses and erosion or adjacent tissue.

Symptoms or uterine pl lo alt ole may include lower abdominal pain heavy bleeding nausea vomiting and ever ectopic pregnancy an ectopic pregnancy occurs outside of the uterus usually in a fallopian tube an ectopic pregnancy total to the fetus and can endanger the molters fertility as well as icier life about half of the pregnancies tat occur with mire are ectopic pregnancies.

Hornpipes microscopic pregnancy may include bleeding or abdominal pain ovarian cysts like other hormonal forms of birth con role mire is associated with an increased risk of ovarian cysts.

Enjambement if the mire IUD migrates from its original location it can become embedded in the uterine wall nits mire complication requires surgical removal.

Gonorrhea irregular bleeding and heavy periods are most common during the first year airier insertion many mire ml side ethicist require.

Surgery to cor cl and can per mannerly harm a young woman 5 er vilify pregnancy complications ail woman becomes impregnability using mire she is at risk for a number or serious pregnancy complications including septic abortion septicemia septic snorkels and doom.

There are also some concerns that exposure to mire might masculinity the Rainier female genitalia oi newborns no studies have been conducted in determine if having the mire IUD in place during pregnancy increases the risk oi birth defect.

Should a woman become pregnant wellie using me mire IUD it is important she have the device removed as soon as possible.

Breast cancer some women have developed breast cancer inflowing insertion omit mire IUD however the FDA has not determined if mere is a causal relationship irreverence mire and breast cancer.

Questionable marketing Bayer was warned by the FDA in 2009 about its misleading busy moms campaign 3 Bayer wrongly claimed that mire had the ability to improve a woman sex life and help her look and feel great.

The FDA said Bayer overstated the elective less millenarian and downplayed IL potentially serious risks facts you may not know.

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