Valentine's Day Infographic

Valentine's Day Overstock com presents the facts of love st valentine day history a pastoral festival of ritual cleansing called February is celebrated on what becomes the 15th day of the roman month 800 BC the roman festival of Lupercalia subsumes... InfographicNote: The following text is extracted from the above infographic using a computer program so it may not be readable by humans, but it is helpful for search engines.

Overstock com presents the facts of love st valentine day history a pastoral festival of ritual cleansing called February is celebrated on what becomes the 15th day of the roman month.

800 BC the roman festival of Lupercalia subsumes the festival of February observed February 13 through 15 men stripped naked grabbed whips and spanked young maidens to increase health and fertility avert evil spirits and purify the city.

On February 14 saint valentine is executed by emperor Claudius ii for performing marriages in secret after it was banned in order to boost army enlistment.

St valentine day is officially established by pope gelatinous i at least 150 years after Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the roman empire to overshadow the pagan celebration of Lupercalia.

Valentine day is first associated with romantic love by Geoffrey saucer in Parliament of fouls for this was saint valentine day when every bird comet there to choose his mate.

The oldest surviving valentine is written by Charles duke of Orleans to his wife i am already sick of love my very gentle valentine.

The first mass produced valentines are produced and sold in the us by Esther lowland the feast day of saint valentine is removed from the roman catholic calendar of saints.

The first valentine is sent giving rise to a new tradition of cards love coupons and printable cards the Iranian printing works owners union issued a directive banning the printing and distribution of any goods promoting the holiday.

For every 100 single women in their 20s there are 120 single men liquorices the first diamond ring was given by archduke Maximilian of Austria to Mary of burgundy in 1477.

0 wedding rings are typically worn on the left hand because the ring finger on the left hand contains the vane amir 5 or the vein of love.

Stock traders with long ring fingers made up to 11 times more earnings than those with average length ring fingers.

Married men who wear a wedding band i 69 today average price of an engagement ring in 2010 2100 dollars spent on engagement rings last year.

Inline cards billions spent last year in the us 0 greeting cards 17 chocolate Christmas vs vale tin it would take 38 years of valentine day retail spend to amount to a single.

Year of Christmas spending hearts the seed of the delphinium plant has been suggested as the source of the heart symbol.

15 valentines 19 traditional valentines 1 valentines including valentine exchange cards made in school Americans eat 46 lbs of candy per year roughly.

Candy 1 4 the body weight of an average person 8 billion candy hearts will be produced this year laid end.

To end they would stretch for 250 000 000 feet 0 candy hearts sources Wikipedia national geographic us census bureau circumference of the earth.

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifii roses number of roses sold in the on valentine day 139 67 of roses sold on valentine day are red.

The state that produces the most cut roses California flowers the state with the highest marriage rate per capital California in Scotland ifs white rose bloomed in autumn it was a token of an early marriage.

In mathematics the implicit curve 1 y 0 yields an approximate son of the heart shape around the world.

Brazil celebrates lover day called aid dos inamoratas on June 12 it happens to come right after the feast of st Anthony known as the saint of matrimony.

In Finland citizens celebrate friends day on February 14 its not just a day for romance it also a day when friends send cards and gifts to each other.

In Norfolk jack valentine also known as old father valentine knocks on people doors on the night before valentine day and leaves treats and presents and then vanishes in the blink of an eye.

On February 14th people in Bulgaria celebrate Triton Carranza viticulture tourist day a centuries old sober Vance of the cult of Dionysus the god of wine and merriment.

Love potions Africa Yorkshire tree bark hot water an increase in desire for men and women Uganda gray crowned crane egg herbs.

6 5 1 an increase in affection and monogamy east java various concoction of herbs 6 6 ill 1 Narnia Ramanujan which restores youth to women and makes them more desirable to their husbands.

Dominican republic rum honey red wine tree bark 00 mama iguana gives an increase in desire for men and women Romania snow heat.

38 magic potion used by young girls on dragster day to ward off illness for the rest of the year Finland blueberries fermentation.

Mishmash love notion that gives an increase in desire pah or discs Greece 700 carrots Americanism a 400s chocolate.

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