Workaholism May Be Killing You (Infographic)

Workaholism May Be Killing You (Infographic) 12 step road to recovery make a list or minus voe um to stop prioritize dun spend oration time on unto Create boundaries OE Erewhon you are and beatnik today no manage time ran maximum sic SS focus on the thi...Note: The following text is extracted from the above infographic using a computer program so it may not be readable by humans, but it is helpful for search engines.

12 step road to recovery make a list or minus voe um to stop prioritize dun spend oration time on unto.

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Health risks for employees i migraines poor bod condition from tack or exercise disturbed sleep anxiety weakened immune system depression.

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Other risks include damage to social life and emotional well being children of workaholic are often neglected a workaholic mar GE often ends in separation.

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They have a higher burnout rate and studies show many workaholics don actuality accomplish more workaholics are more likely to have addictive tendencies work being one or their addictions.

Workaholics often earn team players and their egos are attached to ht work and success a way to seek help.

Workaholics anonymous is a t step program involving in person meetings online interactions and telephone conversationalist help individualism cope with their addiction for more information and a inst of locations go to workaholics anonymous org.

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